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5 ways to elevate thought leadership with LinkedIn Creator Mode

March 11, 2022


LinkedIn is undergoing a transformation. What was once thought of as little more than a recruitment site has, over the past few years, morph

Alex Grubbs

Senior Account Executive

LinkedIn is undergoing a transformation. What was once thought of as little more than a recruitment site has, over the past few years, morphed into a very different platform – one which has become “the most trusted network” for businesses, employees and thought leaders.

As part of its growth (700m+ users), LinkedIn has focused on doing what it does best – being a key resource for professionals – but it has also borrowed and tested some key features, including live streaming, stories, events and newsletters, from more consumer-facing platforms.

One of its latest features, which was gradually rolled out in 2021, seeks to tap into the burgeoning ‘creator economy’ and has been given the rather aptly-named ‘Creator Mode’. This new tool enables users to amplify thought leadership on the platform.

Once the feature is turned on – a simple option in profile settings for members who regularly share content – users can then prioritise showcasing their original content over their work experience, and ultimately expand their reach.

Interested? Here are 5 key ways it will change your profile, along with the benefits of switching it on.

‘Follow’ will become your main profile action

Once Creator Mode is turned on, the ‘Connect’ button on your profile will change to ‘Follow’ and your follower count will be displayed below your profile avatar. This means users can follow your public content without connecting with you – giving your posts a reach outside your direct network.

Of course, the option to connect will still be available – it’s located under the ‘three dots menu’ on your profile.

You’ll have hashtags on your profile

Another key feature of Creator Mode is the ability to add up to five hashtags, which are displayed at the top of your profile.

This makes your content more discoverable across LinkedIn, as other users can find your profile by searching the hashtags. To optimise your reach and position yourself as a thought leader in your field, we recommend adding a combination of broad and niche hashtags. It’s important to ensure these hashtags relate to topics you regularly post about, and try to include them within post copy where possible.

Your original content will become prominent

Creator Mode will alter how your profile is displayed. You’ll have the ‘Featured’ and ‘Activity’ sections at the top, and only your original content will be highlighted within your activity. Your likes, comments and other activity on LinkedIn won’t be included on your profile page, but can still be viewed in ‘See all activity’.

Access to other tools

You’ll also become eligible to be featured as a ‘suggested creator to follow’, which will enable potential users to discover you and your content. You also may get access to new creator tools, such as LinkedIn Live Video and LinkedIn Newsletters (if you meet certain other criteria).

What happens next?

Unfortunately, Creator Mode isn’t a magic switch that guarantees more followers and engagement.

As with all social platforms, compelling content will always be the most impactful vehicle for growth – so spend time on creating insightful posts, sharing around topics you’re a specialist in, and write engaging copy. However, what Creator Mode does provide is positioning as a thought leader in a network that is obsessed with it. This accolade can ultimately improve your content’s authority, help you reach more users and grow a network based within your specialism.

Find out more about Creator Mode in this LinkedIn article.