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Introducing: Battenhall Insights

November 20, 2023

Data & Insights

Welcome to Battenhall Insights, our dedicated insights, research and crisis monitoring team.

Jonny Atter

Director, Insights

Welcome to Battenhall Insights, Battenhall’s dedicated insights, research and crisis monitoring team. Our team of experts has been helping a range of businesses across B2B and B2C navigate the ever-changing digital landscape for the past seven months, providing them with the information needed to elevate their results.

What's the team all about?

Our insights aren't just numbers; they're stories that reveal hidden opportunities. We take a comprehensive look at a brand's social media presence, analysing everything from content design and formats to copy and overall strategy alignment. With these insights, we can identify untapped opportunities that better reach the target audience and drive engagement.

Battenhall Insights provides insights for a range of needs, including content analysis through to crisis and issues preparation. 

Social media audits

Audits are part of our bread and butter at Battenhall – but this new team is taking them to a whole new level.

This includes reviewing a brand’s content in a social media audit, analysing the design, formats, copy, and how the content aligns with the current strategy. These findings help us identify the opportunities to better reach target audiences, and deliver more success – like increased engagement. We also look at the processes behind the outputs to create success, such as the right tools, an easy-to-use content calendar, and a speedy approvals process, to make a brand's marketing plans as streamlined and efficient as possible. We also provide guidance on implementing improvements that make life easier and marketing efforts smoother.

Social listening

Social listening is a particular specialty of the Battenhall Insights Team. In a nutshell, social listening is the art of actively monitoring and analysing online conversations about a brand, its competitors, and industry at large – enabling crucial insight into brand perception and how an audience is reacting to content, products and outputs.

By analysing sentiment, identifying emerging trends, and understanding the nuances of consumer behaviour, marketing efforts can be tailored to resonate with a desired audience on a deeper level. Social listening provides a vital treasure trove of data that can inform brand strategy.

Our recent collaboration with BMI exemplifies the sheer power that social listening has in the business world. The results we unearthed in our strategy resulted in a campaign strategy with a significant edge, positioning them as a strong competitor in their industry. 

Meet the team

The core Insights team includes:

Jonny Atter: Director, Insights - Jonny leads the team’s vision, with experience across all products and specialist knowledge in crisis and issues monitoring, social listening, and social media audits.

Emma Hurley: Senior Consultant - A seasoned communications expert, Emma Hurley is Battenhall Insights' Brand Reputation Lead. She skillfully manages crises, providing clients with strategic direction and unwavering support. Her expertise extends to proactive reputation management, helping clients build and maintain strong reputations that can withstand any challenge.

Keri Hudson: Senior Consultant, Insights - Keri is a social media expert with a knack for uncovering gems within a brand’s social media presence. She's also a passionate educator, empowering clients with the best practices to ace their social media game.

Millie O’Connor: Senior Account Manager - Millie’s knowledge of social and online advertising is epic. Her meticulous organisational skills always ensure every campaign is well-executed.

Delia Howe: Consultant - Delia’s our go-to expert for organic reporting and social listening. Well-versed in conversation analysis and issues monitoring, Delia knows how to spot the key insight amongst a vast amount of data.

Moyca Disnini: Senior Account Executive - If you need data automation and organisation, Moyca sure knows her stuff, making data a breeze for everyone to understand and get to grips with!

Ashley Oakes: Account Executive - Ashley joins the Battenhall Insights team, bringing her expertise in social listening, analysis, and bespoke research to our U.S. operations. 

Key takeaways

By conducting a social media audit and integrating social listening into your marketing strategy, you can:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your target audience
  • Identify emerging trends and consumer preferences
  • Enhance your content strategy for better engagement
  • Make informed decisions based on data-driven insights via our social media auditing service 
  • Embrace the power of social listening and unlock the secrets to marketing excellence

To learn more about how Battenhall Insights can help you elevate your marketing efforts, email insights@battenhall.com.