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Aviva asked us to help promote its new ”It takes Aviva” campaign message and translate it to social media, with the goals of driving awareness and engagement.

Key objectives included:

  • Demonstrate that Aviva is always there for its customers and is an expert in its field

  • Encourage new conversations about the brand on social

  • Give Aviva’s people a chance to show their pride for the company

  • Drive engagement and reach in a fun way

Campaign video

Jordan North becomes a street magician

Campaign video

Alison Hammond tries teppanyaki

Our approach

We created a social influencer campaign called 'It takes two' to run alongside an above-the-line ad campaign. This was supported by a competition.

Two top celebrities – Alison Hammond and Jordan North – were secured to drive positive sentiment and brand affiliation, and amplify the campaign's message of expert guidance – positioning Aviva as an expert in its field. They were both chosen as they fitted perfectly with the target audience demographic.

A tongue-in-cheek content series saw the two celebrities learn new and interesting skills from an expert, demonstrating that to achieve your goals, it often takes an expert to get there.

The creative storyboards helped ensure Aviva was on board with every creative decision and from the main videos, shorter cuts were created to be shared across channels to help carry and communicate the campaign’s message.

Battenhall additionally supports Aviva with social media strategy, reporting and insights, social and Google advertising, influencer marketing, content creation, training, and crisis management.

The results

5.7 million

social and media impressions

1.7 million

video thru-plays


positive sentiment in comments

"We worked with two brilliant celebrities who fitted Aviva's brief perfectly. The content we created helped us smash the objectives – and this was a truly exciting and integrated campaign that delivered."

Jonny Atter (he/him)
Director, Insights

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