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Launching the Battenhall WhatsApp

January 22, 2015

Data & Insights

For two years we have been producing the Battenhall Monthly.

For two years we have been producing the Battenhall Monthly, our feed of news, data and analysis on everything you need to know in social media, digital and mobile. Published at the beginning of the month, it's available by email newsletter, and has over 2,000 subscribers, and is complemented by our blog and Twitter feed.

Over the last month we have been piloting a sister service over WhatsApp, publishing highlights of everything you need to know about marketing and PR in the world of social, digital and mobile, written by the Battenhall team.

Today we're launching the Battenhall WhatsApp

Subscribers will receive a carefully curated selection of news, analysis and data to keep you informed on social media trends, digital and mobile.

To subscribe, add Battenhall's number +44 7762 533 602 to your mobile phone address book and send us a WhatsApp message with just the word Join. Simple as that.

Thanks for following. We'll update this post with details of how the new service develops.