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The seven types of Snapchat user

July 25, 2013


Snapchat has made a careful mark on all our mobile devices, the service. As of June 2013 18.9% of iPhone users in the USA were using SnapCha

Charlie Gregory

President & Managing Director, US & Canada

Snapchat has made a careful mark on all our mobile devices, the service. As of June 2013 18.9% of iPhone users in the USA were using SnapChat regularly. By now you're probably on one of two sides, the sending or receiving end. To distinguish some of the more common traits of an avid SnapChat user, the Battenhall team has defined seven stereotypes of the SnapChat world.

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1. The Serial ChitterChatter

She’s eating her cereal, walking the dog, going to work, getting the mail and watering her begonias all in the space of 10 minutes. This SnapChat user never fails to document their life - only to be self-destructed seconds later. The serial chitterchatter is desperate for a response, but don’t worry, if you don’t reply, she’ll just send another one!

Ideal length: 5 seconds

2. The Artisté

The Picassos and Monets of the Snapchat world (well kind of) taking artsy photographs of  lakes, trees and buildings, mainly inanimate objects, then annotating them. There is a whole new SnapChat world out there where only these artistes of the Crayola world hang . BEWARE: you can only reply if you think your SnapChat can live up to their standards, which it won’t because you don’t know art.

Ideal length: 10 seconds


3. The Electric Daisy Carnivore

You’ve decided to have a quiet Monday night in, like most people - but this person isn’t going to let that lie. They’re knee-deep in booze, deep inside a rave and they just want you to experience the elysium they’re in. This SnapChat hero of the dancefloor sends blurs from inside the nightclub with indistinguishable screaming and loud distorted music in the background, just want you want when the Songs of Praise re-run is beginning. Enjoy, but don’t reply, it’ll only get worse.

Ideal length: 6 seconds, repeated


4. Snap bragger

The snap bragger will make sure you know just how cool he is because she will only snapchat you when at a JAY Z concert or on a luxurious holiday. He’ll make you turn green with envy showing off all his swagger with these snaps you wish you hadn’t seen.

Ideal length: 2 seconds

5. The “I don’t know what I’m doing” ChatSnapper

Most parents will fall into this category, calling Snapchat everything from “chatsnapper” to “snapperchat” without grasping the fun of it. They send Snapchats capturing the floor or ceiling and receive a near heart attack when you send them a reply. Beware, chatsnap (aka snapchat) is a bomb to these people.

Ideal length: 3 seconds

6. Snapcatter


Annie Leibovitz eat your heart out, this amateur photographer has caught their cat’s ‘Blue Steel’ from every angle. Because Instagram and Tumblr just weren’t enough. This crazy-cat-lady wanna-be usually sends seasonal snapchats direct from the cat in first person format,  usually once or twice a day, cute, loud, fast, in or out of a box this cat isn’t shy of the camera. He’s ready for his closeup, Mr. Deville.

Ideal length: 6 seconds

photo (3)

7. The Midnight Snapper

Also known as SnapChat...after Dark. There are a surprisingly large amount of SnapChatters out there that are using the app to send certain - ahem - NSFW images back and forth; because the messages self-destruct, they can effectively send a ‘loved one’ - y’know, one that might work away during the week, or hey, maybe they’ve never even met them before - a picture of what they are missing. We wish we meant their face, but we’ll let your minds fill in the blanks.

Ideal length: as short as possible